Are You Ready for 360 Degree Feedback?

Properly implemented 360 degree feedback initiatives have the potential to deliver a great deal of value for your employees and your organization.  360 degree feedback: Reinforces the links between what is required for the job and actual performance. Provides a way to actually measure performance in a quantitative (ratings) and qualitative (comments) way. Gives employees […]

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Get Technical

  Schedule Time for Enhancing Your Technical Knowledge with today’s Leadership Development Tip! Technical knowledge can mean a variety of things depending on your organization.  The knowledge may be technology based if you work at a software company or regulatory in nature if you work in the financial services sector.  Regardless of what type of organization […]

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Finding Balance

Balance is Key with today’s Leadership Development Tip! Don’t forget to take time to enjoy your life outside of work and set aside some free time to do what you most enjoy. Your desire to succeed and overcome challenges at work should not compromise other aspects of your life. Balance is key – create a […]

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Confidence and #WomenOnTop

  For those of you who follow my Twitter account at @SigmaLeader, you will frequently see posts related to successful women (recently I have started tagging them with #womenontop). Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, activist, Malala Yousafzai, and most recently (10 minutes ago) IMF head Christine Lagarde are just a few of the many women doing some pretty phenomenal things. The […]

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