ING Direct Leadership Development

I subscribe to Google Alerts for anything related to Leadership Development.  I clicked through one of today’s alerts and found myself on ING Direct Canada’s Careers page and closed the page as quickly as I opened it.  I was a little disappointed there was something more.  For some reason though I was drawn back to it (and not because I am looking to work for ING) to read it more carefully:

Are you a leader? At ING DIRECT, we believe you are — everyone can demonstrate leadership in their role.

Our Leadership Development team supports our employees through their leadership journey with a wide variety of offerings. Development tools, book summaries, articles and e-learning are available online to everyone.

We offer formal courses, workshops and discussions on leadership, creativity, change, influencing, coaching, planning and execution, to name a few topics. Mentoring is available to everyone in the organization. There are also great opportunities for on-the-job learning through shadowing, secondments, and a job rotation program.

We believe that we should all share our knowledge and passion, and help each other learn and grow. Any employee can share their expertise in monthly lunch & learn sessions and participate in online leadership discussions. Peer networks offer a forum for leaders to discuss challenges and share best practices.

Our Clients associate us with fresh ideas, innovation, and leading-edge thinking. To deliver a Client experience that is consistent with these expectations, we need to explore, push boundaries, and test ourselves. You are a big part of that. We give you the tools to develop yourself; and you give us the next big idea and know-how to lead us into the future.

The coolest thing about this for me is not so much what was written, but that they value their Leadership Development program so much that it is front and center on their careers page.  Clearly they view their Leadership Development as a competitive advantage for top talent.  These few short paragraphs truly communicate a rewarding and engaging “career” to future employees.

Maybe it’s just because Leadership Development is something I do for a living, but I think it is pretty significant and very cool.  Without knowing a single thing about the specifics of their work it tells me that they have the entire company on board and understanding the value that Leadership Development delivers to an organization.

So, is your Leadership Development a competitive advantage for recruiting and retaining top talent?  Let us know why.

One thought on “ING Direct Leadership Development

  1. I was thinking too that this is very “cool.” Certainly, I would like to see it in action to see how it is executed but it speaks volumes about INGs mindset towards its’ employees.

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