This Week’s Leadership & Succession Planning on the Web

I have scoured the web (so that you don’t have to) for news stories and articles that might be of interest to Leadership Development & Succession Planning professionals.  You will find a wide variety of information here that I hope you will all find interesting.  Check back each week for more.

1. A CEO’s Guide to Leadership Development – A quick 10 Step Guide

Here are 10 things that I believe would give any CEO the best return on their time invested. The good news is that none of these involve spending much money, and they may already be doing many of them.

 2. How to Develop High Quality Nurse Leaders: Q&A With Candace Smith of Medline

Candace Smith, MPA, RN, NEA-BC, SVP, Chief Nursing Officer, Clinical Program Consultant for  Medline, talks about how healthcare organizations can build a quality nurse leadership program and why it’s important to foster a culture of nurse leadership in the future.

3. As Boomers Retire, Look to Leadership Development

“C-suite turnover rates aren’t going to slow down as baby boomers continue to reach the ends of their careers. Here’s how one association is helping younger leaders get ready to step into higher-level positions.”


4. Leadership Development Group Expands membership

News article about TACL – Tomorrow’s Army Civilian Leaders

5. SWOT Analysis for Succession Planning

A nice quick read from Canadian Consulting Firm – People First Solutions

6. Succession Planning Roadmap – Workforce Magazine

If your CEO has a sudden heart attack, do you know who will take the chief executive’s place? What if your top executives are wooed away to another firm? Do you have the next generation of leaders ready to fill those roles? If not, you may end up with an empty C-suite—or worse, underqualified people moving into leadership roles because there is no one better to take over.

7. Succession Planning: failing to prepare is preparing to fail

In an age of enhanced corporate governance, where clear guidelines are set out for every function of a company, it may come as a surprise to find that one of the most overlooked responsibilities by many corporate boards is the effective execution of sustainable succession planning. A transition in the leadership, from one CEO to another, is a vulnerable time in the life of a business.

8. Not for CEO’s: A Succession Plan is Not a Replacement Plan (Video Included)

Succession Planning means more than just having a set of instructions in place for your board to follow in case you unexpectedly die, according to a panel of CEO’s that participated in a Not For CEO’s discussion held at CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference.

9. Smart Planning Attracts Fresh Talent to Aging Architecture Firm. 

How did B+H Architects grow from a small firm of two employees to one of the largest of its kind in the world? One reason is that the two original founders had the foresight and the discipline to implement and follow an effective succession plan that they put in place in 1980, when they were nearing retirement.

10. Top 10 Tips for Succession Planning from a Franchise Perspective

A key component to the success of franchises is, unlike standalone small businesses, there is always a head office to turn to with any queries and problems.  One query Hotondo Homes support office fields now and again, is that of succession planning.  For successful succession planning to occur, much like franchising, a proven formula needs to be followed and adhered to.

Hope you find a few tidbits of info to help your organization develop top talent.  Check this blog each week for a new installment of Leadership & Succession Planning on the Web.

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