Hot 3 Talent Reads O’ The Week

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Following are the Hot 3 Talent Management Articles of the Week.

1. 3 Cutting Edge Talent Management Practices From Silicon Valley

This article from discusses some recent trends that includes

  • Talent agents – yes you read this right. Highly sought after skills are being represented by talent agents just like athletes and rock stars.
  • HR being put in charge of strategic business functions.  Article sites Yahoo’s VP of People – Jackee Reses – being promoted to Chief Development Officer
  • Who Needs a Degree – article highlights 17-year-old owner of Summly – Nick D’Aloisio – being hired after Yahoo purchased his company for $30 million

2. Bayer’s Talent Management Performance Report

Straight from Bayer’s site, this is a quick but detailed read of what they’ve done and what they plan to do as it relates to their Group-Wide Talent Management.

3. Where do you see your talent in five years time?

From the article in HR Magazine in the UK, “What skills do you need now and in five or ten years’ time? What steps you can take now in order to attract, nurture and retain people with these skills? Sometimes it is worth stretching the limits of talent management to attract or retain those individuals that are really worth fighting for – the ones who have critical skills that are going to make a tangible difference to your business and your competitive edge.”

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