Hot Talent Articles O’ The Week

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This weeks Hot Talent Articles O’ The Week Include:

Rethinking Leadership Development from The Street 

Author Brad Hall writes about Leadership being broken.

He starts with quoting an Accenture “High Performance Workforce Survey” that found that while 65% of executive respondents thought leadership development was very important, only 8% thought their company was good at it.

 Brad gives the following reasons for this.

  1. – Many Competencies Cannot be Improved
  2. – Competency Models are Unfocused
  3. – Competency Models Assume Renaissance Leadership
  4. – One Size Fits All Competencies

He also offers some advice for changing the Paradigm including Buying Leaders and Developing Managers.

Look for an upcoming article here of how simple it is to address these Leadership Development issues with our Leadership Skills Profile.

A Research Alert from MarketWatch & The Hacket Group.

“According to The Hackett Group’s research, leaders are focusing on several HR strategy issues for 2013: process improvement, including cost reduction and standardization of processes, data, technology and organizational culture; improving the effectiveness of talent management; obtaining more value from data to enable better decisions; and expanding the use of technology.”

A quick (but informative) read that outlines the Hacket Groups findings that include:

  1. – Organizations have made no improvement in workforce planning capabilities (they should check out my upcoming webinar on
  2. – HR strategy being driven by the “Borderless Business Environment”
  3. – Continued focus on cost reduction in HR for 2013. Operating budgets are expected to drop by 0.79 percent on average, along with staff reductions of 1.89 percent.
  4. – More than half of all companies said they expect to see HR budget reductions this year, while another 26 percent said they expect to see no change.
  5. – more of a focus on measurement

In a nutshell, we need to continue to find ways to do more with less  and do a better job at proving the value of HR.

Strategic Workforce Planning -Part 1

This is the first week that I am plugging my own work.  In part 1 of my Strategic Workforce Planning article, we’ll discuss developing a process.  This is just the gateway to my Workforce Planning Series that is based on my Data Driven Webinar.  There will be several more practical installments over the next two weeks to help you ensure that your Workforce Capabilities continue to improve.

Until next time…


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