3 Great Resources for Strategic Workforce Planning

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I recently delivered a webinar for HR.com called Data Driven: Using Talent Benchmarks to Drive Workforce Planning Success.  In preparation for the session, I found out through a McLean & Company study that 99% of organizations have NOT implemented a Strategic Workforce Plan in all their departments.  When asked why, respondents indicated lack of Strategic Workforce Planning knowledge as the number one reason.


With this in mind, I have listed some great resources to help you close the Strategic Workforce Planning knowledge gap.

1. Strategic Workforce Planning – Tracey Smith

I have read just about every Strategic Workforce Planning book on the market and this one is the clear winner of the “if you are only going to buy one book on Strategic Workforce Planning” award.  It is obvious that the author actually has real world experience on the topic.  Smith’s practical approach (and tools) does a fantastic job of demystifying Strategic Workforce Planning and distilling the most important concepts for your reading pleasure.

2. Workforce Planning Tool Kit: Environmental Scan and SWOT Analysis 

This great resource from CPS Human Resources delivers detailed resources for completing an environmental scan & SWOT Analysis.  This may sound complex, but the doc lists areas to focus on for your External & Internal Scans along with sources of information for the scans.  The way it is laid out in the doc really simplifies this important component of Strategic Workforce Planning.

3.  Leadership Skills Profile (LSP)

Imagine the power of having a clear understanding of your talents strengths (and weaknesses) across 42 relevant competencies.  Now imagine all the cool things you can do with the data from identifying gaps to driving development resources.  That’s just some of the many cool things that you can do with the LSP.  Contact me  at gharrison (at) sigmaleader.com if you want to discuss further.


So, there you have three cool tools that can help you get started on turning your Strategic Workforce Planning into a competitive advantage for your organization.

Until next time…

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