“Travel Light” Talent Management

3d pile of luggage by a sign

“The reward for doing a good job today is having a job tomorrow. We cannot guarantee work. It’s up to individuals to have the skills that the organization needs. If they have them, they have a job. If they don’t have them, they don’t have a job.”

The above quote is taken from a Forbes article titled “NetFlix: We Got It Right!” that argues for an alternative to developing talent from within.  The authors’ “travel light” approach to talent management quotes Netflix VP of HR above while pointing to them as a great example of a company that as agile and committed to their travel light approach.

I wonder if they use the quote in their job ads.  I know NetFlix is my new dream job.

All kidding aside, I do agree that responsibility should fall on the employee to continually develop skills in order to stay competitive within and outside the organization.  It is a tall task however to expect all your employees to understand where the market is going and what skills will be in demand.  Isn’t this what an organization’s leadership is for?  Even in a fast changing industry, leadership should have plans for what’s next…including talent needs.  At a minimum, organizations should provide the opportunity for current employees to develop.

The travel light approach is more of a quick fix for a leadership lacking vision than a long term talent management strategy.

Would love to hear your thoughts?

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