You may think that Apple and Facebook’s powerful brand does much of the heavy lifting in attracting the best talent.  But don’t forget that they also complete with other companies that are just as cool.

In the beginning of any relationship – including your career relationship – first impressions are critical.  With that in mind, this post will focus on what Apple and Facebook do on their career websites – and what you can do on your site – to maximize that first impression and communicate the employer brand.


You’ll quickly notice is that each site looks like many consumer products sites.  Instead of bold, bright images of a product, each company features employees interacting with each other.

Can you see yourself working with the people you see?  Can you see yourself walking around their campuses or sitting around a fire pit eating lunch?  Of course you can…apply now.

Consumer product sites are designed to sell you products and your career should be no different.  Your site should be designed to sell prospective talent on working for your company.

Do you have the coolest office in the city?

Are your company picnics legendary?

Is there always cold beer on tap?

Seduce potential employees with what’s cool about working for you and tell the story with images.


The first actual words you will see on Apple and Facebook’s site do a phenomenal job of communicating a purpose.

If you work for Apple, you will “Amaze yourself. Amaze the world.”

Facebook is “… making the world more open and connected.  Want to help?”

Just like great ad copy, each company’s purpose statement elicits emotion and invites you to be part of something bigger than just a job.   Would you rather be an engineer or would you rather “Amaze the world”?

“Our people are our biggest asset” does little to differentiate your employment brand.  Identify the coolest thing about what your organization does and more importantly why you do it.  Translate that into a clear purpose and communicate it with colour and flavor.


Each company takes the purpose statement a little further in giving you a peak into their culture.  If the purpose statement is what they do, the culture is who they car pool with on the way to amazing the world.  Neither company is shy about what types of employees they want.

Facebook proudly communicates a culture that has values instead of rules while Apple explains that every detail matters all of the time.

Don’t be afraid to be truthful about who you are as a company and what has made it successful.  You are not trying to be everything to every candidate; you are trying to be the only thing for the right candidate.


Whether it is your career site or Facebook and Apple’s, it just one of many option for attracting the best talent.   But, do not underestimate the power of their career sites to enhance or detract from the employment brand.  Savvy talent understands that the importance you assign to your career site is likely directly related to the importance you assign to your employees.

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