#Leadership Development Assignment of the Week – Practice New Skills

Business Man Cheating Stealing Shoulder Surfing Woman

Take On More Responsibility in a low risk environment with this week’s Leadership Development Assignment!

Offer to take on one of your bosses responsibilities for an extended period or to cover for them during a vacation or particularly busy time.

This is a great opportunity to:

–          Learn and practice new skills

–          Acquire a better understanding of what’s involved at the next level

–          Demonstrate capability and a willingness to learn

When approaching your boss with this request:

1.       Be Prepared

  • Be ready to suggest options for the responsibility you wish to take on.
  • Explain the reason for your request, what specific skills you are looking to develop, and how the assignment will help.

2.       Be Patient

  • Understand that the scope of the assignment may be limited until you prove yourself
  • Delegating responsibilities may be uncomfortable for your boss.   It may take them time to develop this skill regardless of your capabilities.

3.       Be Responsible

  •  Regardless of how insignificant the assignment may seem, treat it as the most important job you have.  Both you and your boss are on the hook if something goes wrong.

4.       Communicate

  • Ensure that you always keep your boss apprised of the status of the assignment.  This will help to build trust and develop a comfort level with your boss.
  • Be sure not to over-communicate, a simple “project done” email will likely do the trick.

Here is a quick video from ClipBlox where Shawn asks his boss for more responsibility

Check back every Friday for a new Leadership Development Assignment.

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