How Far Do We Go: Accommodating Employee’s Childcare Needs


A landmark discrimination case with the Canadian Border Security Administration (CBSA) is recently back in the news.

The CBSA requires employees at Toronto Pearson Airport to work irregular shifts on a rotating 56 day schedule in addition to unplanned overtime.  After having children, one of their employees requested a more stable schedule to accommodate her childcare needs.  When she was not accommodated to her satisfaction, she initiated and won a discrimination suite cited discrimination based on family status.  The CBSA is currently appealing the ruling.

CBC Radio had a great discussion on how far employers should go to accommodate parents that you can listen to here.  So, I thought I would ask you to comment on:

–          Do you agree with the CBSA or the employee?

–          Are you happy with how your employer accommodates your childcare needs?

–          Specific experiences that you have had from an employee or employer perspective.

Look forward to everyone’s thoughts.

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