Who’s the Boss at Zappos?

whos the boss

Not since Tony Danza was at the peak of his television career has there been so much doubt about Who’s The Boss?

Something called Holacracy has garnered some significant buzz lately with Zappos moving to a holacratic model…


…inspiring articles and opinions in Forbes, Fast Company, The Washington Post, and Business Insider.

According to HolacracyONE – who owns the trademark – Holacracy is

“essentially a set of inward-looking hierarchical mechanisms that connect ‘circles’ (of staff). Each circle is required to be run democratically and openly, with exhaustively detailed procedures on how things like meetings are to be managed and how decisions are to be made.”

Holacracy is billed as a more democratic way of running an organization where authority is distributed throughout the organization rather than residing at the top.  Read more in the Holacracy Constitution here.

The benefits of holacracy promise a more empowered workforce and less of a burden on senior management.


…check out the following CBC radio feature on some other organiziations who have adopted holacracy and share your thoughts below.

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