#Leadership #Tip of the Day – #Risk Taking

Decision Making Process, Risk Management
Take calculated risks with today’s leadership development tip!
Successful leaders are able to throw themselves and their ideas out there – good and bad – yet have the humility to know when to turn back. Taking risks always involves feelings of uncertainty and sometimes even fear. Slowly build your comfort level with risk. Start small and establish a personal or financial safety net. Build the experience necessary to know when and how to take bigger risks.

I think there’s a difference between a gamble and a calculated risk. – Edmund H. North


Managing Risks: A New Framework – Harvard Business Review


Managing Business Risk: A Practical Griskuide to Protecting Your Business – Jonathan Reuvid

From the Book: Effective risk management – the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks – is a vital consideration when looking to safeguard a company’s commercial future and deal with the latest regulatory requirements. Managing Business Risk shows companies how to maintain controls on risks that may threaten their business while at the same time delivering transparent reporting to their stakeholders.

The book examines the key areas of risk in today’s competitive and complex business market. Drawing on expert advice from leading risk consultants, lawyers and regulatory authorities, it explains how to protect a business from a rising tide of business risks. If risk controls aren’t built into the structure of a company, from the boardroom down, then the business could be vulnerable to a number of threats – both internal and external.  Identifying and neutralizing them now gives companies a competitive advantage.


Winners take Calculated Risks


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