Why You Need a Mentor – #Leadership Assignment of the Day – #Mentoring




Numerous studies have linked having a mentor to career advancement, but few of us take advantage of the many benefits of mentoring.

Why aren’t more of us using a mentor?

Simply put, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Who do I choose? How should I asks them? How does this whole mentoring thing work? Won’t this take too much time?

Our upcoming Leadership Tips of the Day will be changing to Leadership Assignment of the Day and be focused on a simple action step each day to help you grow into a better leader.  Our first series of assignments will help you find a mentor and ensure that you both maximize the value of the relationship.

Today’s Leadership Development Assignment: List Goals for the Mentorship.

What specifically are you looking to achieve from having a mentor?

Is it to develop special knowledge, skills or abilities? Are you looking for a champion that will advocate for your next promotion? Or, are you just looking for a general resource as a ‘go to’ or sounding board when you run into a challenge.


Being very clear about the why before thinking about the who will help you find the right person and ensure that both of you get the most from the relationship.

Comment below and list top 3 ways a mentor can help your career.

And check back tomorrow for another Leadership Development Assignment of the Day.

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