Make a #Mentor List – #Leadership Assignment of the Day – #Mentoring

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Yesterday’s assignment should have helped understand what you specifically need from your potential mentor.  No that we understand the why, let’s start thinking about the who.

Draft a list of potential mentors based on the requirements you identified earlier.

Not sure where to start?

  • Think about colleagues that you have worked with.
  • See if your organization has a formal mentorship program in place.
  • Look at your local chamber or professional association.
  • Leverage your LinkedIn network.

Now that you are aware of potential sources:

  1. Challenge yourself to include at least one person from each group to make sure your list is comprehensive.
  2. Rank the list against the requirements you identified in step one.
  3. Create a short-list of potential mentors to connect with.
Comment below and let us know where is the best place to find mentors?

Come back tomorrow for What Makes a Great Mentor.

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