What Makes a Great #Mentor – #Leadership Assignment of the Day – #Mentoring

Trust concept


Leadership Development Assignment: List the Qualities You Are Looking For in a Mentor.

When refining your list, it is important to think of the qualities that you are looking for in a mentor.

While there are many qualities that you could look for, I would simplify it to one simple word; TRUST.

Look at your short-list of mentor candidates, and ask yourself these two questions:


  1. Do you trust that they will be invested in your success and genuinely want to see you succeed?
  2. Do you trust that they have the knowledge and experience that will help you to grow as a leader? Essentially, have they been where you want to go?

Obviously trust is something that will need to be developed, but if you can answer yes to each of these questions, you’ve likely found your mentor.

Comment below on what you think makes a great mentor and check back tomorrow for Will you be my…Mentor?

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