100 Best Jobs 2014




The latest issue of Canadian Business Magazine includes an interesting analysis of Canada’s Best Jobs. The top 100 jobs that are the best paying, fastest growing, and have the best outlook for the future are listed based on the magazine’s methodology.  So, what value can we take from these lists?

1. Show Me The Money

It is always enlightening to see what median salaries are for a wide range of positions as we can be insulated a bit from what others are making outside of our own industries.  What struck me when looking at the list is that the median salaries for Canada’s Best Jobs mirrored the median salaries for most jobs.  Landing one of Canada’s Best Jobs is not going to make you rich.

2. Where Are You

Lists like these are best for showing where the jobs are.  And, while there is no surprise that the energy sector and western Canada are still booming it was interesting to see that it is slowing.  So, rather than focus on the job titles in the list, look for industry and geographic trends that you can leverage in your career search.

3. Competitive Analysis

Even if you already have a job, it is helpful to understand how competitive it is for people like you and how easy it would be to replace you.  Your analysis should incorporate your industry, profession, and geographic location.  This information is invaluable for determining what you are worth to your company and can be leveraged when negotiating your next raise.

Just A List

We love lists as they are a quick read and easy to digest.  Be careful however to not to weigh these lists too heavily when deciding on your next (or first) career.  Compensation, demand, and growth forecasts are all incredibly important considerations when making career decisions.  But, don’t forget that being well-suited for a job and actually enjoying going to work everyday will have the biggest impact on your success.

Until Next Time.



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