The Velvet Rope Approach to Creating a Learning Culture

rope barrier with a vip sign

I responded to a LinkedIn discussion today that asked:

“Any suggestions on how to shift mindsets from I don’t have time for learning to I don’t have time not to learn?”

My response was as follows:

All good points above. I agree that there is more we can do on the delivering and communicating value side. However, when possible, I also think that we can be more selective about who gets the learning opportunities and invest the time and energy into those individuals.

For those opportunities that are not mandatory – high potential programs, leadership development, etc. – consider a velvet rope approach. Having an entry requirement (we use completion of an individual development plan) is a great way to qualify an individuals engagement and position the opportunity as a premium one.

Having motivated people in the session will ensure they will make the time, undoubtedly enhance the RIO of the learning, and create champions for learning throughout the org.

So, in a nutshell, forget about shifting mindsets and get better at identifying those that share your mindset and focus on working with them. Rewarding those that make learning a priority will send a strong message to those that don’t.


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