360 Degree Feedback Best Practices

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Yesterday, we talked about the 3 Key steps for an effective 360 Degree Feedback process:

  1. Make it fit into the organization
  2. Make it psychometrically sound
  3. Use with care

Today, we will focus on making a 360 Degree Feedback Process fit into your organization.

Make it Fit

Try to make the 360 feedback fit into the culture of the organization. In doing so it will appear less threatening and more fair.  We do this by increasing employee participation, training feedback providers, and communicating how the information will be used.

Increase Employee Participation

To increase the perception of justice, employees should be encouraged to be active participants in the evaluation. A multiple source feedback works best in an environment that is team-oriented and cooperative. Giving individuals the opportunity to voice their opinions about the system’s construction, process, and results will increase employee buy-in, acceptance, and will yield useful suggestions.

Train Feedback Providers

It is also important to train the feedback providers to be sensitive, respectful and polite. Treating employees in a friendly and respectful manner, and offering constructive advice will make them more open to accepting the performance appraisal system.

Communication is Key

People tend to be suspicious of things they do not understand. Thus, it is important to communicate to the employees the precise way in which ratings are to be combined, as well as the purpose, benefits and procedures of the 360 degree feedback system. It is particularly important to communicate the intended uses of the information.

Check back as we discuss making sure your 360 Degree Feedback Process is psychometrically sound.

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