Get Technical


Schedule Time for Enhancing Your Technical Knowledge with today’s Leadership Development Tip!

Technical knowledge can mean a variety of things depending on your organization.  The knowledge may be technology based if you work at a software company or regulatory in nature if you work in the financial services sector.  Regardless of what type of organization you work for, increasing your technical base can only serve to make you a more effective leader and communicator.

1. Make the Time

Set aside more time for keeping abreast of technical developments and analyzing problems. Schedule time to get caught up on the latest technology and developments in your field. It can never hurt to gain some “behind the scenes” knowledge to complement your other strengths.

2. Be a Book Worm

When is the last time you read a technical manual for one of your organization’s products or services?  Choose your organization’s most popular offering (or the next big thing) and learn as much as you can.

3. Participate in a Sit-In

Make a habit of attending 1 meeting a month with the team closest to the front lines.  This will not only give you a new perspective of the organization, but it is also a great way to learn.

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