3 Good Reads

Happy Friday Everyone.  Welcome to the first installment of 3 Good Reads where we will pick (you guessed it) three things worth reading this week.

In Leadership:

1. Top Companies for Developing Leaders Share These 5 Leadership Traits.  Caroline Ceniza-Levine summarizes what the 2014 winners of Aon Hewitt’s “Top Companies For Leaders” all have in common. Read More.

In HR:

2. Breaking The Stigma In Hiring The Mentally Ill.  Mental Health is finally starting to get the attention it deserves in the media and the workplace.  I stumbled across this interesting article from an Israeli publication called Haaretz.  Read More.

In Career Management:

3. Career Safari.  A new route to the C-Suite.  Jessica Sier writes about organizations such as BHP Billiton and ANZ Bank “encouraging their executives to move sideways as part of its succession management and because there are fewer spots at the top.  Read More.

Let me know your thoughts on any of the above articles or suggest interesting reads that you have stumbled across.

Until Next Time.

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