It’s Friday again, only 21 more sleep ’til Christmas and time for 3 Good Reads.


9 Reason Organizations Don’t Train Their Leaders.  

Kevin Eikenberry writes about “some of the reasons I have heard, and more accurately the reasons that are unspoken, as to why so many provide so little to support the development of their leaders. Taken individually, they have merit. Put together, they paint a picture of excuses – because most everyone would agree that leaders can be developed and most feel their leaders could improve, yet, many don’t take any action at all. Here are nine reasons/excuses for this situation. – READ MORE


My One Rule For Hiring

BodeTree CEO, Chris Myers writes that he prefers to keep things simple (when hiring), which is why his one simple rule is to “hire people we trust, respect and admire. It sounds trite, but I’ve found that if the candidate fits those criteria, everything from cultural fit to skills naturally falls in line.”  READ MORE


5 Common Career Regrets to Avoid

Glen llopis writes that “people too often say “what if” throughout their careers. They think about what could have been if they had just associated themselves with the right people, made better choices, or taken more calculated risks. Career management is a full time responsibility and if not done rightly, it will lead toward regrets that could have been avoided.” READ MORE to see his 5 regrets to avoid.


How To Get Out From Under Your Bosses Shadow

Read about how to become known in your organization without violating the chain of command.  READ MORE.

Until next time, let me know some useful things you’ve read this week.

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