Glen started his journey with Sigma Assessment Systems nearly two decades ago managing a large scale employee development project for Chrysler that involved over 30,000 management and staff.  Over his career, Glen has worked with a third of the Fortune 500 and with every level of government in Canada and the United States.  In the process, Glen has delivered workshops to over 10,000 people across 49 states (sorry Wyoming, he’ll get there eventually), 10 provinces, 1 territory, 107 cities, and 9 countries.

Since competing in a first grade singing competition, Glen has always been at home in front of an audience.  He considers it his obligation to both educate and entertain in order to maximize the value for anyone who participates in one of his workshops or webinars.   Attendees will quickly realize what it looks like when someone is doing what they love.

If you would like to book Glen to speak at your event or discuss how Sigma can help you Understand the Talent You Have and Develop the Talent You Need, contact him at gharrison (at) SigmaLeader.com or call 800-265-1285 extension 233.


Official Registered SIGMA Logo

Advancing the science of human assessment since 1967.

Every day, we demonstrate our commitment to maximizing the value we deliver to our clients.

One of the tools we use with our clients is the Leadership Skills Profile (LSP). The LSP is quite possibly the best way to understand the talent you have, find the talent you need, and plan for the development of both.  The LSP is:

We manage everything for you. You focus on using the results to strategically manage your leadership pipeline.

Dynamic development feedback and companion LSP Development Guide gives future leaders the tools they need to take ownership of their development.

Measures a comprehensive model of 42 leadership competencies that will resonate with everyone in the organization.

The LSP GroupView provides practical metrics for driving training & development budget decisions.

Each participant receives an equal balance of strengths and opportunities for development along with dynamic development feedback for each.

Get the Leadership Skills Profile (LSP), LSP Focus Report, LSP Development Guide, LSP GroupView Report, and complete project management all for $80 per participant.


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