2015 Talent Technology Infographic

Silkroad released a great infographic (see below) about the state of talent technology and some interesting talent management stats.  Check it out.  A few quick hits from Silkroad’s study: Just 28% of respondents are fully automated for HR functions Engagement and retention remains top concern Integrating HR systems and data is a top priority A “place at the […]

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Building Workplace Trust

Great Infographic on Workplace Trust that I found on Entrepreneur.com that was developed by UNUM. In another Trust article on Entrepreneur, the author outlines the 10 steps to Multiply Trust In Your Organization,  The ten steps should come as no surprise. 1. Involve people in the decisions affecting them. 2. Pay close attention to Relationships. 3. […]

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How Far Do We Go: Accommodating Employee’s Childcare Needs

A landmark discrimination case with the Canadian Border Security Administration (CBSA) is recently back in the news. The CBSA requires employees at Toronto Pearson Airport to work irregular shifts on a rotating 56 day schedule in addition to unplanned overtime.  After having children, one of their employees requested a more stable schedule to accommodate her […]

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